Shihan Hardy

is the Chief Instructor/Founder of Spirit Warriors Dojos, LLC.                                                                                                                              

Austin Dojo

San Antonio Dojo

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Shihan Hardy is the Chief Instructor of Spirit Warriors Dojos and Founder of Spirit Warriors Total Defense SystemSM.  Shihan Hardy taught at  Texas State University for 4 1/2 years before opening the San Marcos Dojo in 1994, the Austin Dojo in 1999,the San Antonio Dojo in 2003 and the Bryan College Station Dojo in 2007.  

He has taught a wide variety of individuals ranging from Police Officers, Secret Service Agents, Fire Marshals, Military Special Operation members to professionals, college students, and the list goes onů  Hardy brings a rare insight in to the Self-defense and Martial arts world as he has encountered many real life-threatening situations ranging from car-jackings to gun assaults and knife attacks.  Sensei Hardy has SWD Black Belt Instructors throughout the United States and other nations  - many having trained under his guidance for over 10 years.

Sensei Hardy is a Christian Minister, Pastor, Herbalist, Outdoorsman, Nutritionist, Certified NRA Firearms Instructor, Certified Range Safety Officer,  Texas DPS CHL Instructor, Tactical Weapons Instructor, Body Guard and avid animal lover.   Married to his high school sweet-heart of 22 years, they have two children - 3 cats and 2 dogs.

  Shihan Hardy was awarded the rank of JuDan by Soke Hatsumi while training in Japan.


(Judan ~ 10th degree Black Belt)




Shidoshi Charlie

Shidoshi Charlie has been training at Spirit Warriors since 1999 and is a senior level instructor.  He is a member of The Fellowship of Christian Warriors Church and dealer of exotic vehicles.

(Godan - 5th Degree Black Belt)




Instructor Justin

 Instructor Justin has been training at Spirit Warriors since 1998.  Instructor Justin is a member of The Fellowship of Christian Warriors Church and a home builder by trade. 

(Sandan - 3rd Degree Black Belt)



Asst. Instructor Adrian

Assistant Instructor Adrian has been training at Spirit Warriors since 2004. He is a member of The Fellowship of Christian Warriors Church, proud husband and father of 2 daughters and 2 sons.

(Nidan - 2nd Degree Black Belt)