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How Our Self-Defense Method is Different

 All of the techniques employed are derived from thousand year old real combat scenarios.  Needless to say they are tried and trued, not mere speculation.  We have taken the basic principles of these age-old techniques and simplified them for ease of absorption.  The self-defense program is based of a 2000 year old combat art not a modern day sport.  These techniques work in any situation regardless of the size and strength of the attacker.  All the training is hands on to give you a working knowledge of the practical application based scenarios.  These are real techniques, for real situations. 


What are the Prerequisites?

In order to attend the program you do not have to have any previous martial art or self-defense experience.  Your size and strength are not limiting factors; the techniques employed, conform to all body types.  So it does not matter if you are 4 ft. tall or 6 ft. you will learn how to use your size to your individual advantage.   The only pre-requisite for training is a good attitude and willingness to learn.


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