Our Dojo's (training hall) purpose is to teach authentic, thousand-year-old Ninja and Samurai secrets of self-protection, self-development, and awareness to responsible, good-hearted people.

 All rank testing and certifications are done by Shihan Hardy.

    Because of the very nature of training at Spirit Warriors, class size is limited so that everyone receives personal attention.  Unlike the chain studios, our goal is not high volume and high profits. Our focus is teaching both male and female what they need to know to defend themselves and their loved ones. Mr. Hardy interviews all interested applicants.

he Austin Dojo was founded in March of 1999 by Shihan Hardy. Training is located in southwest Austin.  The class meets two times per week; Monday 7pm to 9pm and Wednesday at 6 pm to 7:30pm.   Intensive workshops and/or seminars are held monthly.  Private lessons are available to individuals as well as groups.  Observation of training is on Wednesday evening by appointment only. Please e-mail the Dojo or call with any questions, or to set up an appointment for observation. When sending an email please leave a phone # and the best time to contact you

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