Training at Spirit Warriors Dojos

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At Spirit Warriors Dojos we teach and train on how to protect your mind, body and spirit.  Students accepted into the Spirit Warriors Defense system, participate in hands on practical application training.  Training is both safe and effective in a family atmosphere, void of ego and attitude!  We are not limited to any particular aspect of training, rather we are a full spectrum system that allows for overall development and growth in all facets of self defense. 

Spirit Warriors Total Defense System

        By concentrating on developing natural responsive actions with the body during initial training, one can use the physical lessons as models for psychological and tactical training in advanced studies. S.W.T.D.S. is made up of methods for striking and grappling in unarmed fighting, ‘rolling’ and ‘breakfalls’, leaping and climbing, conditioning the body and maintaining health, as well as special ways of walking and running.

        Some of the more popular martial arts and 'martial sports' attempt to mold the practitioner’s ways of reacting and moving to fit a stylized set of predetermined movements. In effect they are 'adding to' the students total personality. Our Training works in the opposite manner.  It naturalizes all movements by stripping away the awkward or unnatural movements that may have been picked up unknowingly over the years. As a fighting system, we rely upon natural body strength and resiliency, intuitive response, foot work, and the understanding of the principles, construction, and efficient employment of body dynamics. The students need not imitate some sort of animal, nor distort or deform the natural body structure in order to employ the techniques learned.  Both modern and traditional weaponry are taught extensively as well.

Health - Flexibility - Self Confidence - Survival Training - Water Training - Stealth and Concealment - Weapons - Climbing - Rope Work - Nutrition  - Family protection and Protection of Others - physical Conditioning - Christian Principles - Herbology - Aromatherapy - Night Training

 and Much, Much, more.....